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Harness The Law of Attraction to Gain Wealth – Part III

Believers of the Law of Attraction explain that there are factors that can negatively affect the laws powers. They also believe that there are things that can be done to amplify the Law of Attraction powers. Knowing the actions that can invite and hold the power of the Law of Attraction in your life is very important because that is how you will ensure you will be able to utilize that power most effectively. Harnessing this power will help you create the paths to amass the wealth you envision.

1. Consider the universe as a catalog for gifts – As a “catalog buyer” you have the option to choose anything you want in life. However, there are some “conditions apply” aspects such as eliminating all negative feelings and doubts from your mind that the Universe cannot or might not grant your wish. Also, remember to word your wish without harming anyone in order to avoid building up negative Karmic energy which can derail the power of the Law of Attraction. It really is just as easy as choosing what you want for your life. You have to believe that you can have your desires. Wealth is at your fingertips, you just have to create the energy to receive it.

2. Money can come to you easy – A major part of getting what we want in life has to do with our mindsets. It is critical to release from your mind the idea that in order to amass wealth one has to somehow suffer or live deprived. This is unequivocally not true. The Universe (or God, if you prefer) does not want you to suffer; life is not about deprivation. Life is meant to be enjoyed in abundance. The saying that “nothing good comes easy” is a myth. Money comes easy. Money can come easier. Believe it. It will happen. We see money manifesting in peoples lives all the time for example: money can come easy through a lottery or an inheritance or money can come easy by monetizing a hobby that you love to do (loving your work, means you are on a vacation 24x7). However, keep in mind that it is not for you to worry about how this wealth will come to you. You need to believe that it will happen; you need to intend for it to happen; you need to guard your mind from thoughts of doubt.

3. Focus on wealth – Think and feel like a king. Focus on wealth, abundance, riches and weed out and eliminate all thoughts surrounding money problems. The more you focus on wealth, the happier you will feel. Hold that feeling and the Universe will ensure that you get your heart’s desire – wealth. Think bank balance, think freedom to buy whatever you like, think the ability to go anywhere you please, think plenty – and wealth will become yours for the taking.

4. Be magnanimous – If someone comes to you for monetary help, this is not by chance. Nothing happens by chance in life. The Universe wants you to share your happiness and wealth with someone who is in need. Do it. Give with all your heart. Give like your money will never finish; and it won’t. There are believers that claim that there is a “fool-proof method” to attract money – often cited as a magic money- attracting spell. It involves taking 2-10 bills of $10-$20 each (depending on how much want to give happily) and writing a small blessing on it such as, “Let this bill help you and keep you blessed.” Fold and stick it in/ to places where you would imagine people who are needy will come across or find it such as in a newspapers “classified/ help wanted” section; a box of low cost baby items; and so on. This works – but this is not magic. This is the Law of Attraction working at its best.

5. Develop a Healthy Feeling About Money – Stop chasing money. Stop being awed by it. Make money your tool. Visualize having so much money that you feel comfortable with spending any amount of money. The more you feel in charge, the faster you will attract wealth.

I Want To Make One Million Dollars A Year

Do you find this statement too ambitious? This is a matter of perspective. Look around you or just run a search on the internet to find how many people under 20 are millionaires by their own sweat, ingenuity and labor – not with inherited money or won through a lottery. If they could do it, so can you. Learning about money management is great, but before learning how to manage money, you must learn how to actually make significant amounts of it.

1. Believe in Yourself Fiercely. This is the first prerequisite for creating wealth. Believe that you can. There should be absolutely no doubt in your mind that you can make a million dollars legitimately and with sustainability.

2. Focus, focus, focus. If I asked you today, “name three wishes you want fulfilled right now” could you name these three wishes instantly? Many people will not be able to name even one wish. This is because many people have no clear focus as to what they want in life. You can not wander around life aimlessly. Life is like a very sophisticated vehicle; once you get into it, in order to use it best, you need to know where you are going and focus on reaching the destination. Otherwise, you just drive around until you run out of gas and are left stuck in the middle of nowhere.

3. Plan With Baby Steps. One million dollars. To get that in one year, you need to make $83,333 per month, $2,777 per day (per 30 days); or $116 per hour round the clock or $278 per hour for a 10-hour-day every day of the week. If you look at it, it is not really too difficult to achieve a financial goal of a million dollars in a year.

Realistically, $116 per hour (24x7) or $278 per hour (per 10-hour workday) do not have to be mind-boggling figures. Plan ahead as to how you can get to this goal while you are also enjoying what you are doing. It is of vital importance that what you do for a living be something you love to do. You must have a passion for your chosen field or you may resist putting in the work necessary for financial success. The more you break your goals down into finer details, the easier it becomes to fulfill – for the “journey of 1000 miles starts but with a single step”.

4. Stay on it; Stay with it. Thomas Edison failed more than 1000 times until he finally made the first functional light bulb. Even after so many failed attempts– he never gave up or changed his mindset into thinking, “This is not working. This just isn't possible so I give up!” On being asked to what he attributes his success to, Edison had said, “Genius is hard work, stick-to-itiveness, and common sense.” There are many famous people whose lives went through major failures, but because of their perseverance, they ended with success – Abraham Lincoln, Winston Churchill, Benjamin Franklin, and many others.

5. Stay Open to Change. Change is development; development leads to success. Stay open to change. Release yourself of confining thoughts. Just because something is normally done one way does not mean that it cannot be done another way. You may inadvertently stumble across a better way to make the process work. Technology can and should be a major part of your financial growth. Let it help. There is a saying that goes, “The easiest way to complete a difficult task is to give it to a chronically lazy person.” This is because the lazy person will make all efforts to search for the easiest and fastest way to complete the task – because that is what he wants most. Do it differently. Do it in an easier manner. Do it in a better way somehow. That is what makes you money.

Remember – your goal is to make approximately $300 per hour in order to reach your ultimate goal of a million dollars over the next year. This is very possible. It will take time, work, dedication and an unrelenting desire to succeed.


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