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Draw Your Will and Protect Your Loved Ones

Most people live their lives as if they will be around forever. It is a lovely thought or belief, but one that never materializes. We will all die. Some soon, some later. A common concern when thinking about death is whether we are able to ensure that our loved ones do not suffer from financial hardships on the account of our death.


What Happens To Your Property When You Die Intestate?
When a person dies without a will or “intestate,” the law dictates that the court system decides the distribution of that person’s property. While the court will always take into consideration the wishes of the departed person, there is definitely no guarantee that this will protect your loved ones the way you would have wanted.
Should you take this chance at all? Look at your loved ones – your children, your aging parents, and your spouse. You want to ensure that they benefit from your property and wealth in the manner that you deem best fit. Here are some important benefits that your will can facilitate for your family.

Prevents Family Disputes
Some of the ugliest court battles are fought not with “enemies” but among family members on matters pertaining to property. It is indeed horrible to think that brothers and sisters become one another’s enemy just so they can divide your property in the manner they deem best fit.

Ensures Financial Security
A legally drawn will would ensure that other family members, for example, do not neglect children, even if they are minors. The will could create provisions as such that the law would protect the property for them until they come of age.

Carry Out Your Wishes
Perhaps you want to express special gratitude to a relative, friend or an employee. A will can ensure that this person is included as per your wishes recorded in the will. For many people, this is such a wonderful thought.

Who Should Care for Your Children After You Are Gone
As a parent, you are always worried about the security of your children. This does not only pertain to finances, but also to their emotional well-being. Through your will you can name the person or persons to whom you want to entrust your children until they become of age.

Special Clauses to Protect Your Loved Ones’ Interests
Perhaps you want your daughter to enjoy your property but are afraid that once she marries, her husband would misuse the wealth. You could always insert a clause into your will that would block such attempts. This way, you are able to protect your dear ones from possible financial ruin.

As you can see, a will is a very powerful document for the protection of your family and other loved ones after you are gone. A will is as essential as a life insurance policy in ensuring that your family stays financially stable in the unfortunate event of your premature death.

5 Tips To Save On Textbooks During College

Spending on books is one of the major drains of money while in college. You could however save a small fortune by adopting some super wise tips, without compromising your studies.

Seek the Best Price Before You Buy
Do not rush in and purchase the first copy you find of the book you need. Wait. Shop around. Compare prices in the neighborhood you live. Go on the Internet and look up the book you need. Determine the lowest price offered and only when convinced that is the best offer should go forward with purchasing the book.

Soft Copies Are Cheaper
Before you purchase a hard copy (a printed, hardbound copy) check on the Internet whether there is a soft copy available or an e-copy that you could download to your computer/ laptop for a fraction of the cost. It costs a lot to print a book, therefore a hard copy’s cost is much higher.

An online edition provides all of the same information, without draining monetary resources. When buying online, be careful with some very common pitfalls that defeat the purpose unless the necessary precautions are observed from the beginning:
1. Time – sometimes the books you order online take “forever” to arrive.
When possible shop for the required books at least one month before
your course starts. Therefore, allowing sufficient time for the book to
arrive for the first day of class.
2. Error – mistakes happen. It seems that the more important the book, the more likely that an error will occur. Check, check and again check that you are ordering the right book. Here is a small checklist of
commonly overlooked details:
• Same title, two different authors
• Correct shipping address
• Proper zip
• Same title, two different editions

Scanned Books
Alternatively, if you have the means and the time, borrowing and scanning the book can be an attractive option. This is a great option if the book is not available or simply unaffordable. What are computers there for after all?

Book Garage Sale
It is a good idea to sell your used books as the next semester begins in college. There will always be people who look for the best deals and
therefore welcome the idea of buying relevant books at half the price. By doing so you can get a percentage of your investment back and at the same time, help someone save on expenses as well.

There are times when a professor may change the book after the current semester. You can still sell your old college books – maybe not at your college, but online. There may still be many colleges out there using the book. Check into online marketplaces that let sellers post items that are for sale in exchange for a nominal fee.

Use the Last Edition
Before buying the college book prescribed, check with the instructor as to whether the previous edition is acceptable. Very often, the differences between the editions recently introduced are minimal. The differences may require Xerox copying a few pages here and there; however, the price difference between the two editions can often be quite drastic therefore amounting to huge savings.


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