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We live in an age where the Internet reigns supreme. You find the cyber space in absolutely every field today. The best use however, is that it has the power to obliterate unemployment from the world.

Anyone and everyone can make money on the Net - if they chose to do so. No exceptions. There are millions of super successful people who have "made it" right from scrap, and earn six figure incomes from their homes as residual revenue. You can do it, too.

Here is what should get you going.

1. The will to work hard.

Please stop believing those ads that say you can get rich overnight. There is no such thing as spoils without toiling. However, it is true that you can earn huge amounts as residual income if you are willing to put in some initial hard work. This "initial" hard work can be a few months and sometimes even a few years - but it is well worth the effort.

Let me give you a real-life example. One of my friends was laid off during the recent recession. His liabilities as that time were substantial - his wife was then pregnant; they had a mortgage to pay, and they were supporting two pairs or senior parents.

There was no time for whining. Instead, he started writing for e-How (a very well know website that accepts contributions from writers from the USA). He wrote 5 articles per day for 6 months. In six months he had written some 900 articles, which were paying him about $600 per month, without him doing anything more about it.

2. Work smart.

As you can see, working hard pays. There are many other examples in various fields, i.e. you could start selling affiliate products/services, write e-books, freelance, etc. However, as you can see, this is hard work.

To optimize your returns you need to work smart as well. Let me add the example I gave above: with just a little research and adjustment of keywords, the same 900 articles earned my friend about $300 more per month.

3. Diversify.

It's good to specialize in a niche. It makes you an expert over time and you can earn reputation and money alike. However, in order to stay ahead you need to find ways to diversify.

Nothing is permanent. A great idea which is a super hit today, could just be a forgotten fad tomorrow. Diversification will keep you afloat and comfortable. So, learn to diversify your talents as much as possible.

4. Develop.

Evolution is the key to perpetuity of life. This means that you can never be static. You need to continuously develop your talents and sharpen your strengths. This could require that you learn more, train more, research more, experiment more - do whatever it take to learn and learn and learn. Never allow complacency to overcome you.

5. Family project.

Any work - whether it is the 9 to 5 type, house chores or home business (which includes the Internet business) needs the full support, involvement and cooperation from your family.

Your family should not only know what you are doing, but also respect the time you need to do it. Just because you are at home, does not mean that you can be disturbed for any and all matters. Success comes only when the whole family cooperates as one to promote the home business.

Want an extra $100 - here is how you can earn it

I read somewhere that if a 20 year old invests just about $100 every month he/she will end up a millionaire by the time he/she retires. Isn’t this phenomenally easy?

Let's see how one can make that $100 extra per month (and you can then multiply it manifold as you grow richer by the experience). The list below is just an indicative list that should start you moving in the right direction. You are invited to think up many such ways that will give you the "saving" money so you will be free to spend all the money you earn through your "regular" income.

1. Home business - you can start your home business today with zero investment. There are many things that you can do such as offering babysitting services, bill paying services, pick up kids from school services, walking dogs, pet-sitting, house watching (during vacations), etc. These are things you could start in your neighborhood and expand gradually on to larger platforms.

2. Online surveys - there are hundreds of legitimate online surveys that pay good money ($5 - $50) per survey. Research carefully on the Internet (check reviews on each of the most reputable online surveys for an accurate estimate) and join some of these surveys. You can easily make an extra $100-300 by just answering a few questions.

3. Freelancing - you could offer your services as a freelancer and you could easily make a couple of hundred dollars in your free time without any real pressure. No matter what profession you are in, you can definitely find a market for your talents.

4. Event planner - this could be on a very small scale - unless you are ready for the big time. You could plan children's birthday parties, college reunions, school annual day, and the like. Once you make a name in this field, you will have your hands - and pockets - full.

5. Sell photographs - there are many websites that sell stock photographs. These photos are regular photos that depict various subjects in day to day life. You could sell your photographs to such websites and make a steady income. The photographs could be of anything, i.e. your bedroom, cat, dog, refrigerator, baby, garden, car, and so on.

6. Provide services - you could start an e-travel agency, e-tuition classes, e-cooking classes, e-parenting and so on. There are so many things one can do today with the help of the Internet. Just organize yourself, write the lessons and make a few explicit videos. Post these to your blog and market it on the Internet - and you are in business.

7. Help others help themselves - become a handholding mentor for people who are looking for ways to earn the extra $100 for a small fee. In this way, you earn your money and help others earn theirs too - double satisfaction.

8. Start an affiliate business - this is perhaps the easiest way to enter the world of e-commerce. You need to find top rated affiliates, allow them to train you, give you a pre-designed website for your use and even help you with your advertising. You will be earning your extra $100-500 in no time.


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