4 Steps To Earn Money With No Investment

Life during recession can be pretty low. Many of my friends have suffered terrible financial setbacks during this unexpected recession period. It was during this time, out of sheer need that, I looked around for ways to help. Since I was in e-business and also ran a very successful credit repair agency, I was among those lucky ones who managed to stay afloat during the meltdown. However, my inherent wish to help pushed me into doing a little research on the Net to find an avenue of generating wealth with zero investment.

Earning Money With Zero Investment Is Possible

You will find this advice on many websites and maybe you already know it. Do have the patience to go through the whole article because in the end you will find the key to make these steps work for you.

1. Market Research And You – it is easier to sell a physical (material) product; however, it is much more profitable to sell a virtual (digital) one. Even if you are more comfortable with selling physical products, my advice to you is to start with the virtual stuff, make enough money and then launch your physical-products e-shop. Before you go out there and check out which one suits you best, you need to carry out a minimal (at least) market research to find out what is in demand; what are the trends in the market. There are plenty of sites to choose from, but you could start your quest with http://www/clickbank.com, and http://www.cj.com. The ground rule is that the products should be highly qualitative and useful. Alternatively, you could develop your own e-books based upon your expertise and put them up for sale.

2. The window for sale – in order to sell your product you need to set up a squeeze page. Learn the basics about how you can set up a good squeeze page and you will be laughing your way to the bank. Some resources, which offer you the space and tools to create your very own free squeeze page, are:


Make your page attractive and ensure that it entices the reader to click on the link you give to learn more and eventually buy your products. Your sales pitch should be extremely subtle; the best tactic is to provide so much qualitative information about your product (review/ comparison charts/ studies supporting your product/ exceptional success stories, etc) that your reader will feel compelled to find out more.

3. Pull in traffic – in order to make the reader want to know more, you need to get the reader first. How you get the surfer to “find” your squeeze page is the method you use to attract traffic. There are many methods, but if you are looking for a free and effective one, a good option is writing articles and posting them in free article directories. These articles have to be search-engine-optimized with the right keywords. The better the quality of your SEO articles the more traffic you will attract.

4. Money begets money – the free method works fine. However, when you want to really earn money, you need to invest something more than only time and effort. This free method is good enough to give you a base capital with which you can start your own business and improve your credit score and financial standing. With the profits earned this way, you will do good to invest in a domain name and with the lessons you've learned along the way, gear your business to a new height of financial success.

Money Matters and Your Children

In today’s age, parents are overanxious to keep their children happy and safe. "So what is new about this trait?" you might ask. Parents have always wanted this for their children – in this age, or any age.

What is the difference? A few decades ago, parents had more time with their children and less money; today the scenario has reversed. With both parents engaging in competitive careers, money is more plentiful, but time is not. As a result, parents tend to compensate for their inability ‘to be there’ with hefty allowances, a luxurious life, and by indulging the spending habits of their children.

The Value of Money Needs To Be Inculcated Early

Are you one among this category of parents? If so, you need to understand that it is very important that your child knows and appreciates the value of money, if you want him or her to grow up as a responsible and self-sufficient adult.

The problems with credit, bankruptcies, and financial crisis of the present generation would be much less if people had been taught the importance of saving in their childhood. You need to raise money savvy adults and for that, you need to teach them to save and invest while they are still children.

Five Tips to Teach Children How To Save Money

Children are like clay: they will turn out the way you mould them. Here are five tips that can set your children on the path to become financially enlightened adults.

1. The magic of investment – investment is not a term that's used only in the adult world. You could highlight the beauty of investment to your children and set them on the path of passive wealth generation. Show them how to invest with fast turn-around scenarios, so they can marvel at how money can beget money. Once they realize the power of investment, they will normally look for opportunities to do so to increase their funds.

2. Goals are necessary – nothing can be accomplished without firm goals and strategic plans of action. Encourage your children to save and invest money toward a certain goal – laptop, cell phone, play station, karaoke system, and so many others. You might like to offer a matching grant for things that are more expensive, so they will not get frustrated when the period for putting together the required funds becomes too long.

3. Show your children the alternatives – often your children are so focused on one matter that they cannot see alternative ways to use their allowances. Offer them choices that will help them use their money better. Show them how they can get the best out of their funds, and soon enough they would weigh every purchase by the value for their money.

4. Show them the power of saving – saving a little over a long time can make a small fortune for your children effortlessly. Show them how they can put together a considerable sum by just setting aside a small sum – say, 5-10 percent of their allowance – over a year or so.

5. Be an example – children learn best when they see their parents applying the principles that they are taught in real life. Involve your children in the financial decisions of your family, and let them know how the better things such as a car, vacations, and other major consumer items are bought. Practice what you preach; your children will learn best by example.

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