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Benjamin Hanania, Chairman
Comtrex, LLC

Benjamin HananiaBen served in the US Army and Ohio National Guard for 8 years and received many awards including the Army Achievement Medal. A perpetual Entrepreneur, Ben founded over 9 separate business in his lifetime of which Comtrex, LLC owns and operates a number of websites specializing in financial solutions for business and personal needs.

After a personal run with Bankruptcy in the 80's, Ben decided to put his knowledge helping others as a credit specialist. He performed credit repair for 7 years and helped hundreds of people improve their credit scores. He used his knowledge to launch his first Internet business selling credit repair information in the late 90's.

Comtrex's products and services range from providing solutions to existing Internet businesses, helping individuals who wish to go into business for themselves, helping individuals to solve their financial needs/problems, and providing money saving services and tips.

Dameion Harris, Co-Chairman
Advanced Credit Help, LLC

Benjamin HananiaDameion Harris grew up in the small town of Columbus, GA, just south of Atlanta. At a young age of 16 he knew that he wanted to leave his home town and become a young entrepreneur. While being challenged with negativity from the people around him and adversity on his heels, he strived to make something better of himself.

At age 17 Dameion started his first business, a personalized gifting business with several locations, including, Maryland, D.C., and Virginia. After deciding that he wanted something bigger and better for his life, he decided to attend college at both Hinds Junior College and finally The University of Phoenix. Having completed several years of college and being mostly self-taught he knew that he wanted more!

In 2002 after making Maryland his home he decided to launch Advanced Credit Help LLC, his baby, and his pride and joy. Still wanting more for himself, he later decided to expand his now thriving business to the states of California, DC, Florida and Texas.

Much more is to come of Mr. Harris as he continues his newest ventures with the start of his greatest venture ever, Credit Express Solutions LLC. He is ready for more success, more happiness and a future of great business.

Robert Goe, Board Advisor
Continental Financial Services, Inc

Robert GoeBob started his late career in the securities business. His main focus is to help clients achieve safety and growth in their portfolios and to preserve wealth for the long-run.

Bob expanded his business by offering an array of services designed to build a safety shield around and individual by providing the proper insurance coverage.

Today Bob runs his own firm at Continental Financial Services, Inc that includes a mix of Insurance protection, securities and health care coverage.

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