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About Us!

The Ethical Credit Repair Alliance (ECRA) is an organization committed to protecting the interests of both the credit repair industry and the public which they serve. We are a group of professionals who are dedicated to the promotion of fair and ethical credit repair practices to the benefit of both customers and credit repair companies

ECRA was born of the urgent need in the industry for a regulating body that would serve to separate member credit repair companies from the scammers and fly-by-night businesses who masquerade as professionals.

Faced with the increasing distrust by which the credit repair profession is regarded by members of the general public due to the actions of a few, the ECRA is determined to provide its members ecucational training so they can discharge their duties in the best interests of the public. ECRA also aims to establish guidelines to protect consumers in need of credit repair so they can gain the best possible services from genuine credit repair professionals.

Mission Statement

ECRA is dedicated to protecting consumers from the unscrupulous behavior and practices of unethical credit repair companies. We are committed to upholding the reputation and credibility of our member credit repair professionals.

What We Strive For

  • To be a self regulating body that establishes guidelines for the proper conduct of credit repair companies and professionals

  • To educate credit repair professionals, an aim we wish to accomplish through the availability of resources, educational programs and training materials that will help members to further expand and better their services

  • To raise ethical standards within the credit repair profession, an aim we wish to accomplish by establishing a stipulated Code of Professional Ethics to which all members are strictly required to adhere.

  • To protect consumers by alerting them to the malpractices of rogue credit repair companies

  • To safeguard the interests of consumers by constantly educating them on their rights

  • To ensure that consumers have access to the most reputable and trustworthy credit repair companies

  • To serve as a channel between reputable credit repair companies and consumers in need of such services, but who are wary due to the reputation of the industry
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