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  • debt consolitation
    Posted on Friday, October 2nd, 2009 in Debt Issues – Comments: (0)
    Debt consolidation is a last resort for some, and the best saving route for others. What does it mean to you? Debt consolidation is read by the credit bureaus as a negative; the fact that you need to consolidate your debts in order to repay them, means that you have not planned your finances well, and therefore have created risk for your creditors.On the other hand, debt consolidation can teach some very valuable lessons.1. You need to think ahead. Most people fall into the debt trap because they live for the present. They buy impulsively; they don’t save; they don’t pay their bills on time. Debt consolidation is a time when you are forced to sit down and chalk out the future of your finances.2. Live within your means. There is no magic wand that will make your loans disappear; there will be no lottery that will suddenly give you all the cash you need to square up your debts.
  • Myths About Credit Repair Companies
    Posted on Sunday, October 4th, 2009 in Credit Repair Companies – Comments: (0)
    There are many things said about credit repair companies. Unfortunately, though such beliefs are widespread and popular, they are negative and false. Myth No 1 – credit repair companies thrive on your misfortune. Wrong! They actually provide vital help at a time when you are about to lose everything – your possessions, your peace of mind, and your reputation. Myth No 2 – all credit repair agencies are fraudulent; they’re only after your money. Wrong! Reputable agencies make clients for life. They become friends, philosophers and guides to their clients, teaching them the art of financial management. They show you the light, when you are lost in financial darkness. Myth no 3 – credit repair agencies can work miracles if you pay them enough. Wrong again! Trustworthy agencies will tell you right from the start what can be done and how long it will take. They will use only legal means, which are in no way “magic.
  • Great Ways To Get A Credit Card With a Bad Credit Score
    Posted on Saturday, October 3rd, 2009 in Credit Cards – Comments: (0)
    It’s difficult to get a credit card if you have a bad credit score, but definitely not impossible. The most common way is to get a “secured” card.With a secured credit card you deposit funds into a bank account and the provider offers you credit with your deposit as collateral. This is a good solution when you are looking to increase your credit limit and score by some clever financial manipulations.A second way is to have a relative or spouse have you as an add-on to their credit cards. The positive things here is that you can use the credit card without any problem; however, the positive or negative points for timely payment/non-payment of the bills will go to the main owner of the card. You are not affected by the transactions.The third way to obtain a credit card with a bad credit score, is by looking up introductory offers where people with poor credit are wooed.
  • The Importance Of Knowing How To Improve Your Credit Score
    Posted on Monday, October 5th, 2009 in Credit Report and Credit Score – Comments: (0)
    Most people will tell you that knowing how to improve your credit score can keep you out of trouble. However, this is one of the most popular myths regarding credit repair. The most important factor is not maintaining a good credit score – through this is important in its own right – but learning how to manage your finances well.Learn proper financial management and you are automatically free from all other worries. Another fallacy is that good financial management means budgeting, saving, investing – in general spending wisely.  But there’s more to it that that. You also need to ensure that you are safe on and off the Internet in regard to identity theft.Identity theft is today one of the most quoted reasons for poor credit, second only to credit card abuse. Learn what it takes to be safe when making financial transaction on and off line!
  • How To Get The Best Poor Credit Auto Loans
    Posted on Thursday, October 1st, 2009 in Credit Repair General Topics – Comments: (0)
    Poor credit auto loans are among the most wanted loans in the USA. Statistics show that almost 7 in every 10 Americans have suffered at one time or other from poor credit and had to apply and accept poor credit auto loans in spite of hostile terms and conditions. Here are three tips that can get you better deals next time:1. Use collateral. Do not agree to pay higher interest. Instead, offer collateral for the loan. This will eliminate the risk factor to a large extent, allowing for lower interest rates.2. Have a co-signee. Ask your friend or family member to co-sign for the loan. They should have good credit standing. When they agree to be a co-signee they provide live collateral to the creditor, which in turn offers you better leverage.3. Do without poor credit auto loans altogether; buy from auctions. These are A1 quality vehicles sold at police and bank auctions.
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