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Identify Theft Guard

We all know that identity theft has become one of the biggest menaces on and off the Internet. Are you doing anything about it? Unless you have some identity theft guard in place, you too are likely to be a victim at some time or other. There will come a day when, like the installation [...]

Email Identity Theft

It happened just recently to one of my friends. She received an email that said she needed to upgrade her information or her yahoo mail id will be suspended. Thinking this was some kind of routine verification, she did what was asked. Just two days after this email was answered, she realized that she had [...]

Stop Id Theft – Is It Really Possible?

Is it possible to stop id theft? Not likely. Unless there are stringent rules and policing authorities that man the Internet and take swift action against the perpetrator, the Web remains an ideal platform for thieves. Armed with a few hacking software programs and the grit and determination of making a career out of it, [...]

2 Signs That Spell Identity Theft Scams

The most common and dreadful financial scams are connected today to identity theft. In order to protect yourself from identity theft scams you need to be aware about the telltale signs that point to this fact. Here are two sure signs that should put you on red alert: 1. You are finding small but recurring [...]

Beware of credit repair scams – 3 signs that you’ve been conned

You will have heard of the many credit repair scams that circulate online, and like most people, you may also be scared of approaching credit repair agencies lest you be victimized. You need not worry too much about scams if you learn to read the telltale signs of fraud! There are three signs that all [...]

3 Myths About Credit Repair Companies

There are many things said about credit repair companies. Unfortunately, though such beliefs are widespread and popular, they are negative and false. Myth No 1 – credit repair companies thrive on your misfortune. Wrong! They actually provide vital help at a time when you are about to lose everything – your possessions, your peace of [...]

Increase Your Credit Score – Watch Out For the Scams

Most scams today are successful because people in a panic suspend their logic. The ‘increase credit score overnight’ is one of the most successful frauds on and off the Net. People, who suddenly find all the creditors’ doors closing on their face, become desperate to improve their credit scores. The result is that they become [...]

Credit Repair Company – What it Can Do, What it Cannot

If you’re seeking the services of a credit repair company, you should be aware of just what such a company can and cannot do for you. Some people expect near miracles when they hire a credit repair agency. Unrealistic expectations are never a good thing. Moreover, a credit repair company that makes too-good-to-be-true promises is [...]