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Bankruptcy Fraud – What Is It?

We have often heard about bankruptcy fraud – a term often used by legal bodies. Any type of fraud is considered, in the USA, as a Federal crime. Bankruptcy is basically a legal way whereby a person or company is exempt from paying any of his/her/their debts due to a lack of finances. When a [...]

Your Credit Report After Bankruptcy is Important

Why should your credit report after bankruptcy be important anymore? You might not think you have anything to worry about regarding debts and payments once you have filed for bankruptcy and the deed is done. After all, you will wear the “mark of the beast” for the next 10 years – so what the heck, [...]

Loans while in bankruptcy – possible or not?

When you are passing though bankruptcy, you will have a few thoughts about loans while in bankruptcy. After all, you are losing everything including all the credit cards you have not paid until the bankruptcy filing date.  If you are thinking about such a loan – the good news is that it’s possible. However, this [...]

Should You File for Bankruptcy Now?

How to play a game is as important as knowing when to quit. Nobody wants to file for bankruptcy unless it’s life and death situation – and most of the times, that’s exactly how it is – a life-and-death situation! You want to liquidate all your loans, but there’s nothing with which you can buy [...]

Bankruptcy Advice – Where and What?

The best bankruptcy advice I received was DON’T DO IT. But, it’s not always that easy and often you’ll give in to the pressures that accumulate on your mind and finances when you are going through a massive crisis. Let’s say, that you have already considered all there is to consider and you cannot but [...]

Do-It-Yourself Bankruptcy

Many people feel that the “do it yourself bankruptcy” option is brilliant, because it saves you money at a time when you have precious little. Experts say that such a step might cost you more than you would care to imagine. A professional specializing in bankruptcy will always guide you better, and negotiate better terms [...]

Should I declare bankruptcy?

There is no right answer to this question, because the right answer depends upon your circumstances and payment capacity. There are many laws that protect people who are on the verge of bankruptcy such as Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. When you ask yourself, “Should I declare bankruptcy?” ensure that you have checked out all [...]

Bankruptcy – To Be or Not To Be

If you ask me, you should never file for bankruptcy. The fight for staying on the top is well worth it when compared to the shadow that will loom across your credit report for 10 long years after you declare bankruptcy. Whether you’re a small business or this is a personal financial crisis, you should [...]

Free Bankruptcy Advice – Is There Anything Like This?

You’ve suddenly realized that you’re ruined financially and there is no way out. Instead of panicking, why not look up a hotline for   free bankruptcy advice? There are many free such hotlines in every state across the USA; all you need to do is run a search on the   Internet for it.  Before you take [...]

Student Loan Bankruptcy – No Longer a Viable Option

In 1998 the law changed in regard to bankruptcy and student loans. It’s no longer possible to file for bankruptcy and wipe away student loans. Now you need to prove that the repayment will cause undue hardship to you and/or your family before the bankruptcy clause will become applicable in your case. “Undue hardship” in [...]