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Identity Theft Crime

Have you heard about identity theft crime yet? Are you prepared for it? Yes, I know most people will groan inwardly saying, “Oh heck, I’m not living under a rock, buddy!” At the same time, you may be surprised that 7 out of 10 people today have their computers hacked, have their identity stolen, or [...]

Email Identity Theft

It happened just recently to one of my friends. She received an email that said she needed to upgrade her information or her yahoo mail id will be suspended. Thinking this was some kind of routine verification, she did what was asked. Just two days after this email was answered, she realized that she had [...]

Are You In Trouble With Your Credit – 10 Signs That Say “YES”

It is not that only during recession time people are alert about their credit score and reports. Rather that during times when the economy experiences any type of turbulence, the credit and related matters is highlighted. Are you, as a layperson, aware of the signs that flash to you, ‘You are likely to be in [...]