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Loans while in bankruptcy – possible or not?

When you are passing though bankruptcy, you will have a few thoughts about loans while in bankruptcy. After all, you are losing everything including all the credit cards you have not paid until the bankruptcy filing date.  If you are thinking about such a loan – the good news is that it’s possible. However, this [...]

How To Get The Best Poor Credit Auto Loan

Poor credit auto loans are among the most wanted loans in the USA. Statistics show that almost 7 in every 10 Americans have suffered at one time or other from poor credit and had to apply and accept poor credit auto loans in spite of hostile terms and conditions. Here are three tips that can [...]

Beware of poor credit lenders

When you are “down” financially and suffer from a poor credit score, you will often tend to make wrong decisions due to feelings of desperation. When it comes to matters of money, always take time and give a good deal of though to the matter, before making a decision. At such times poor credit lenders [...]