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Great Ways To Get A Credit Card With a Bad Credit Score

It’s difficult to get a credit card if you have a bad credit score, but definitely not impossible. The most common way is to get a “secured” card. With a secured credit card you deposit funds into a bank account and the provider offers you credit with your deposit as collateral. This is a good [...]

The Importance Of Knowing How To Improve Your Credit Score

Most people will tell you that knowing how to improve your credit score can keep you out of trouble. However, this is one of the most popular myths regarding credit repair. The most important factor is not maintaining a good credit score – through this is important in its own right – but learning how [...]

Scams to Increase a Credit Score

Scams to Increase a Credit Score The majority of credit repair scams focus on what measures will be taken to increase your credit score in an unreasonably short time span. This is because people demand this type of service. In some cases people will be unaware of how the credit score is calculated; hence, they [...]

Increase Your Credit Score – Watch Out For the Scams

Most scams today are successful because people in a panic suspend their logic. The ‘increase credit score overnight’ is one of the most successful frauds on and off the Net. People, who suddenly find all the creditors’ doors closing on their face, become desperate to improve their credit scores. The result is that they become [...]