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Identity Theft Complaint – What Should You Do When You Are A Victim?

Putting in an identity theft complaint many times will prevent other similar crimes. However, most people are so dejected by the hopelessness of their own situation post the crime, that they rarely take any serious action against the perpetrator. Do not be one among the people who take it lying down. Fight back. It is [...]

Identity Theft Facts

There is a lot of discussion regarding identity theft today. This has become one of the greatest menaces on the Net. Do you have enough information about identity theft facts? If you do not, this is the time to do so. Not tomorrow, not later, now. Your vulnerability increases if you do not know what [...]

What do you know about identity theft?

Do you know anything about identity theft? How does this happen? What happens when you become a victim of identity theft? Where should you go when you become a victim? What should you do if you find suspicious emails or websites? If you do not have the answers to these questions, it is time you [...]

Identity theft

Why should you always worry about identity theft? Identity theft is emerging as one of the most ‘popular’ crimes today. The Net has made it extremely easy for hackers and cyber criminals to find you. Unless you take extra care to erase all your personal information on the Net that can be used to steal [...]

Identity theft scams – Watch Out!

There are so many identity theft scams lurking to steal your information – what should you do to keep yourself protected? First, educate yourself. Awareness will help you recognize early signs of prospective identity theft scams. Once you know what you are looking for it is much easier to avoid falling victim. The best way [...]

Identity Theft Crime

Have you heard about identity theft crime yet? Are you prepared for it? Yes, I know most people will groan inwardly saying, “Oh heck, I’m not living under a rock, buddy!” At the same time, you may be surprised that 7 out of 10 people today have their computers hacked, have their identity stolen, or [...]

An Identity Theft Check Is Your Best Protective Cover

Did you know that most people find out about identity theft problems years after it actually occurred? This is because people do not usually perform a routine identity theft check.  Most people are content with just a perfunctory glance at their bank statement and credit card bills. Very few sit down and tally bill for [...]

Criminal Identity Theft

There’s a lot in the news nowadays about all types of identity theft; a new name keeps cropping up – criminal identity theft. How is this one any different? If you are looking at it carefully, all identity thefts are criminal activities; however, in this case, by criminal identity theft it’s meant more than just [...]

Identity Theft News

One of the best ways to stay safe from identity theft is to stay abreast of identity theft news and various developments in this field. Hackers and virtual world criminals are getting more and more active in this field, because this involves little work and excellent returns. Are you ready to fight this scourge? Here [...]

What is credit card fraud?

Credit card fraud is when somebody uses your credit card without your authorization. This could happen in many ways: * When your card has been stolen * If your card was swiped twice for the same amount * If your card was used by Internet hackers * If your card was used without your knowledge [...]