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Identity Theft Crime

Have you heard about identity theft crime yet? Are you prepared for it? Yes, I know most people will groan inwardly saying, “Oh heck, I’m not living under a rock, buddy!” At the same time, you may be surprised that 7 out of 10 people today have their computers hacked, have their identity stolen, or [...]

Bankruptcy Fraud – What Is It?

We have often heard about bankruptcy fraud – a term often used by legal bodies. Any type of fraud is considered, in the USA, as a Federal crime. Bankruptcy is basically a legal way whereby a person or company is exempt from paying any of his/her/their debts due to a lack of finances. When a [...]

An Identity Theft Check Is Your Best Protective Cover

Did you know that most people find out about identity theft problems years after it actually occurred? This is because people do not usually perform a routine identity theft check.  Most people are content with just a perfunctory glance at their bank statement and credit card bills. Very few sit down and tally bill for [...]

Criminal Identity Theft

There’s a lot in the news nowadays about all types of identity theft; a new name keeps cropping up – criminal identity theft. How is this one any different? If you are looking at it carefully, all identity thefts are criminal activities; however, in this case, by criminal identity theft it’s meant more than just [...]

Identify Theft Guard

We all know that identity theft has become one of the biggest menaces on and off the Internet. Are you doing anything about it? Unless you have some identity theft guard in place, you too are likely to be a victim at some time or other. There will come a day when, like the installation [...]

Identity Theft – Are You Asking For It?

You hear so much about people becoming victims of identity theft. Did you know that in the case of 65 percent of people, this happens because they are too busy to be careful? First of all, since you are aware that such fraud exists, let’s check on whether you are prepared for it. Answer the [...]

2 Signs That Spell Identity Theft Scams

The most common and dreadful financial scams are connected today to identity theft. In order to protect yourself from identity theft scams you need to be aware about the telltale signs that point to this fact. Here are two sure signs that should put you on red alert: 1. You are finding small but recurring [...]

Credit repair fraud – What do you do when you are the victim?

Have you been defrauded by any credit repair agency? Do you know of anyone who has experienced credit repair fraud? What should you do in such circumstances? First of all immediately file a complaint with the proper authorities, so the fraud can be investigated and possibly be stopped before it draws in other victims. Once [...]