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3 Habits That Increase Your Identity Theft Risk

Everyone is at risk, but there are some people who literally invite identity theft! Here are three aspects of your behavior that might invite troubles for you: 1) Shopping online and paying by credit card, without checking for VerisSign at the bottom of the page. Always ensure that the page that asks for your credit [...]

Credit card theft – stay safe

There is always the risk of losing your credit cards if you carry these on your person. Do you know how to stay safe by preventing credit card theft? First of all, never carry more than one card with you. Secondly, ensure that you do not have any pin number or any other such vital [...]

Credit repair fraud – What do you do when you are the victim?

Have you been defrauded by any credit repair agency? Do you know of anyone who has experienced credit repair fraud? What should you do in such circumstances? First of all immediately file a complaint with the proper authorities, so the fraud can be investigated and possibly be stopped before it draws in other victims. Once [...]

Quick Fix Credit Score – Good or Bad?

When it comes to quick fixing of your credit score, the question should be whether it’s legal or not, rather than whether it’s good or bad. While it’s certainly possible to repair your credit score, fixing it overnight is not realistic. When and if you find credit repair agencies promising you otherwise, please keep in [...]

Fix Your Credit Score – 3 Neat Tricks

Do you need to fix your credit score fast? Here are three neat tricks that will have your score up in less than a year. By the way, anyone who tells you that it can be done any faster is leading you into a trap. Please, avoid such offers if you want to stay safe. [...]