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Free Bankruptcy Advice – Is There Anything Like This?

You’ve suddenly realized that you’re ruined financially and there is no way out. Instead of panicking, why not look up a hotline for   free bankruptcy advice? There are many free such hotlines in every state across the USA; all you need to do is run a search on the   Internet for it.  Before you take [...]

Student Loan Bankruptcy – No Longer a Viable Option

In 1998 the law changed in regard to bankruptcy and student loans. It’s no longer possible to file for bankruptcy and wipe away student loans. Now you need to prove that the repayment will cause undue hardship to you and/or your family before the bankruptcy clause will become applicable in your case. “Undue hardship” in [...]

How do you choose the right bankruptcy firms?

What are bankruptcy firms and how will these help you when you have lost everything? Bankruptcy is a legal process, which often people will find overwhelming. It is very important however, that you file for bankruptcy in such a manner that will harm you the least, and also protect you from future harassment. Choosing a [...]

Can You Acquire Loans While in Bankruptcy?

Of course, you can get loans while in bankruptcy. The only drawback is that the terms and conditions will be crippling! However, there’s a way around this problem. Find a person who will be willing to lend his good name (his or her credit score should be high and his credit report impeccable) as a [...]

Bankruptcy Seminars – Do They Help?

Let’s say that you are on the brink of bankruptcy, and that you are at a loss regarding what will be the best course of action in the near future. Should you go to any bankruptcy seminars? Yes, of course! These seminars are often conducted by professionals who will be able to guide you in [...]

Bankruptcy relief – is there any?

When you ask about bankruptcy relief there’s good news and there’s bad news. The good news is that yes, there IS relief geared to bail you out from your financial impasse. The bad news is that this relief is not advertised well enough, and therefore not very popular as an option. Government Grants as Bankruptcy [...]

The Importance Of Knowing How To Improve Your Credit Score

Most people will tell you that knowing how to improve your credit score can keep you out of trouble. However, this is one of the most popular myths regarding credit repair. The most important factor is not maintaining a good credit score – through this is important in its own right – but learning how [...]

3 Myths About Credit Repair Companies

There are many things said about credit repair companies. Unfortunately, though such beliefs are widespread and popular, they are negative and false. Myth No 1 – credit repair companies thrive on your misfortune. Wrong! They actually provide vital help at a time when you are about to lose everything – your possessions, your peace of [...]

Credit Repair Attorney – When Do You Need One?

You do not need a credit repair attorney generally. All the work that he or she can do, a reputable credit repair agency will do just a well. The only difference here is that it’s often easier to find and work with a credit repair attorney than a credit repair agency, because of the not-so-great [...]

Credit Repair Law Firm

What does a credit repair law firm offer you? In most cases you can expect best services in the verification, restoration and credit education fields. This in turn will facilitate better terms and conditions for your loans, reduced interest rates, approval for new credit cards, and new loans. This type of firm is well equipped [...]