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Bankruptcy Myths

There are many bankruptcy myths that you need to clarify before going through the process. You might be filing for bankruptcy governed by one or more such myths and it will be too late when discover reality after you complete the process. One of the most popular bankruptcy myths is that you can start with [...]

Debt Consolidation Tricks You Should Know About

Debt consolidation is a last resort for some, and the best saving route for others. What does it mean to you? Debt consolidation is read by the credit bureaus as a negative; the fact that you need to consolidate your debts in order to repay them, means that you have not planned your finances well, [...]

Debt Counseling – Does it Impact Your Credit Score?

People are divided on debt consolidation as there are two opinions on this aspect. Some say that since this decreases the credit score, it’s not a good idea. It’s true that the credit bureaus, as well as the creditors, consider debt consolidation a sign of financial inconsistency.  However, debt counseling bears no significance upon your [...]