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2 Great Ways Towards Credit Repair

Are you worried about your credit score? Are you looking for a quick credit repair solution? The number one and easiest way out is engaging a professional agency or person with sound experience and knowledge in this field. Yes, it is true that credit repair can be done by anyone – including yourself. However, it [...]

Loans while in bankruptcy – possible or not?

When you are passing though bankruptcy, you will have a few thoughts about loans while in bankruptcy. After all, you are losing everything including all the credit cards you have not paid until the bankruptcy filing date.  If you are thinking about such a loan – the good news is that it’s possible. However, this [...]

Student Loan Bankruptcy – No Longer a Viable Option

In 1998 the law changed in regard to bankruptcy and student loans. It’s no longer possible to file for bankruptcy and wipe away student loans. Now you need to prove that the repayment will cause undue hardship to you and/or your family before the bankruptcy clause will become applicable in your case. “Undue hardship” in [...]

Avoid Credit Repair Scams – Stay Safe

It seems sometimes that there are more credit repair scams than genuine operators out there. Do not despair, though. There are excellent credit repair agencies that are waiting to help you. Here are a few characteristics that you should watch out for: 1.There is no guaranteed outcome; if there is any guarantee related to repairing [...]

Helpful bankruptcy solutions

When you are threatened by bankruptcy, do not despair. Before you throw in the towel, list all the bankruptcy solutions you have in hand and  draw up a careful comparison chart for reference. There are excellent protective laws under Chapters 7, 10 and 13, each covering different aspects of financial distress. The best way to [...]

Credit Repair Services – 5 Tips To Get The Best

When you are out seeking credit repair services, what is the most important thing you look for? Most commonly the answer is, “the fastest results.” But this is a very wrong-headed answer – one that will lead you astray in choosing a credit repair agency and many times, one that will use tactics of questionable [...]

Credit card theft – stay safe

There is always the risk of losing your credit cards if you carry these on your person. Do you know how to stay safe by preventing credit card theft? First of all, never carry more than one card with you. Secondly, ensure that you do not have any pin number or any other such vital [...]

How to Repair Your Credit – 5 Simple Steps

How to repair your credit has been an issue of great controversy. Although there are many who promote self-help as the best solution the many credit repair services who come recommended by their clients would seem to suggest that getting outside help may be worthwhile. Let us leave aside gossip, rumors, and even statistics about [...]

Credit Repair Companies – Is Self Help Better?

There are at minimum 5 Must-have Benefits to be had from credit repair companies. Should you be in a position to need help with your credit, you may be wondering whether you should go the “self credit repair” route or hire a professional agency. Yes, it’s true that you could do a great job repairing [...]

Credit Repair Book – The Best Guide For You

When you find you are completely sucked in by debt and your credit score suffers, you might consider looking up a good credit repair book for some repair work. There are plenty of offers for such books online. But before you buy one, ensure that the credit repair book has all the information needed to [...]