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Student Loan Bankruptcy – No Longer a Viable Option

In 1998 the law changed in regard to bankruptcy and student loans. It’s no longer possible to file for bankruptcy and wipe away student loans. Now you need to prove that the repayment will cause undue hardship to you and/or your family before the bankruptcy clause will become applicable in your case. “Undue hardship” in [...]

Credit Repair Services – 5 Tips To Get The Best

When you are out seeking credit repair services, what is the most important thing you look for? Most commonly the answer is, “the fastest results.” But this is a very wrong-headed answer – one that will lead you astray in choosing a credit repair agency and many times, one that will use tactics of questionable [...]

Five Hints – Credit Repair Services

If you are in the market for credit repair services, you need to know up front what to expect. The average person is not aware of what should be expected from a credit repair company, and so they cannot make an informed judgment as to what is the best credit repair services they can get. [...]

Credit Repair Services

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