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Credit repair scams – true or false

You read stories about credit repair scams and you wonder whether it is a good idea to approach that great credit repair agency to manage your score for the possibility of finding a new mortgage. Is this step a safe one or not? I would say that credit repair scams are happening all the time. [...]

What is credit card fraud?

Credit card fraud is when somebody uses your credit card without your authorization. This could happen in many ways: * When your card has been stolen * If your card was swiped twice for the same amount * If your card was used by Internet hackers * If your card was used without your knowledge [...]

Credit Repair Business – Choose Carefully

There is too much argument in regard to the credit repair business to disregard it. The fact is, the reason that so many of those who need credit help fails to seek it, is the shady reputation this industry has gathered in the recent past. However, it would be unfair to say that all those [...]

Identify Theft Guard

We all know that identity theft has become one of the biggest menaces on and off the Internet. Are you doing anything about it? Unless you have some identity theft guard in place, you too are likely to be a victim at some time or other. There will come a day when, like the installation [...]

Credit Repair Companies – Top 10 Tips

The first issue you need to watch for when in need of good credit repair services is the affiliations of the agency you are considering. All ethical credit repair businesses will willingly show you their references on request. These are some important issues you should check out as protection against fraudulent credit repair companies. 1. [...]

Stop Id Theft – Is It Really Possible?

Is it possible to stop id theft? Not likely. Unless there are stringent rules and policing authorities that man the Internet and take swift action against the perpetrator, the Web remains an ideal platform for thieves. Armed with a few hacking software programs and the grit and determination of making a career out of it, [...]

Credit repair fraud – What do you do when you are the victim?

Have you been defrauded by any credit repair agency? Do you know of anyone who has experienced credit repair fraud? What should you do in such circumstances? First of all immediately file a complaint with the proper authorities, so the fraud can be investigated and possibly be stopped before it draws in other victims. Once [...]

Scams to Increase a Credit Score

Scams to Increase a Credit Score The majority of credit repair scams focus on what measures will be taken to increase your credit score in an unreasonably short time span. This is because people demand this type of service. In some cases people will be unaware of how the credit score is calculated; hence, they [...]

Insurance Against Credit Repair Fraud

Although most credit repair companies are ethical businesses, it’s an unfortunate fact that credit repair fraud is rampant in our society. Here are three simple ways that will protect you against such frauds: 1. Beware of organizations that ask for all their fees upfront. Most reputable organizations will charge after the work is done. You will [...]

Credit Repair Scams

Too much has been said about credit repair scams. In most cases, the client – the person who is looking for credit repair – is actually inviting such scams to insnare them. Even though they know that credit repair takes time and effort, in most cases they will talk themselves into believing that the promises [...]