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Myths About Credit Repair Companies

There are many things said about credit repair companies. Unfortunately, though such beliefs are widespread and popular, they are negative and false. Myth No 1 – credit repair companies thrive on your misfortune. Wrong! They actually provide vital help at a time when you are about to lose everything – your possessions, your peace of [...]

Poor credit auto loans – working around the problem

When you fall into the problem of a poor credit score, you’ll find that loans become very difficult to obtain. Creditors who are willing to lend money to you often impose inflated interest rates and/or difficult-to-meet terms and conditions. The worst disappointments come when applying for poor credit auto loans. The good news is that [...]

Credit Repair Program

Most people feel that they would invite more trouble than help when and if they subscribed to a credit repair program. This is a myth – one that stops you from reclaiming complete charge of your life. Do not fear the credit repair agencies. They are your friends. These are bridges that help you cross [...]