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Bankruptcy Advice – Where and What?

The best bankruptcy advice I received was DON’T DO IT. But, it’s not always that easy and often you’ll give in to the pressures that accumulate on your mind and finances when you are going through a massive crisis. Let’s say, that you have already considered all there is to consider and you cannot but [...]

Student Loan Bankruptcy – No Longer a Viable Option

In 1998 the law changed in regard to bankruptcy and student loans. It’s no longer possible to file for bankruptcy and wipe away student loans. Now you need to prove that the repayment will cause undue hardship to you and/or your family before the bankruptcy clause will become applicable in your case. “Undue hardship” in [...]

Avoid Credit Repair Scams – Stay Safe

It seems sometimes that there are more credit repair scams than genuine operators out there. Do not despair, though. There are excellent credit repair agencies that are waiting to help you. Here are a few characteristics that you should watch out for: 1.There is no guaranteed outcome; if there is any guarantee related to repairing [...]

How do you choose the right bankruptcy firms?

What are bankruptcy firms and how will these help you when you have lost everything? Bankruptcy is a legal process, which often people will find overwhelming. It is very important however, that you file for bankruptcy in such a manner that will harm you the least, and also protect you from future harassment. Choosing a [...]

How do you settle debt without bankruptcy?

Have you heard about ways that can settle debt without bankruptcy? This is great news for you if you are about to file for bankruptcy because you are completely paralyzed by the bills that keep piling up; if your finances are touching the lowest rung and you have nowhere to go; if the only visible [...]

Credit Repair Business – Choose Carefully

There is too much argument in regard to the credit repair business to disregard it. The fact is, the reason that so many of those who need credit help fails to seek it, is the shady reputation this industry has gathered in the recent past. However, it would be unfair to say that all those [...]

Credit Repair Services – 5 Tips To Get The Best

When you are out seeking credit repair services, what is the most important thing you look for? Most commonly the answer is, “the fastest results.” But this is a very wrong-headed answer – one that will lead you astray in choosing a credit repair agency and many times, one that will use tactics of questionable [...]

Credit Repair Companies – Top 10 Tips

The first issue you need to watch for when in need of good credit repair services is the affiliations of the agency you are considering. All ethical credit repair businesses will willingly show you their references on request. These are some important issues you should check out as protection against fraudulent credit repair companies. 1. [...]

Credit card theft – stay safe

There is always the risk of losing your credit cards if you carry these on your person. Do you know how to stay safe by preventing credit card theft? First of all, never carry more than one card with you. Secondly, ensure that you do not have any pin number or any other such vital [...]

Legal Credit Repair – Can You Ensure This?

There are so many offers out there, each better and more enticing than the other. How can you know which one offers you legal credit repair? How do you know that you are not taken for a ride because you are so desperate about your credit score situation? The best way to ensure that things [...]