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Credit Repair Book – The Best Guide For You

When you find you are completely sucked in by debt and your credit score suffers, you might consider looking up a good credit repair book for some repair work. There are plenty of offers for such books online. But before you buy one, ensure that the credit repair book has all the information needed to [...]

Debt Settlement – the downside

What can you do when the bills due amount exceed what you earn as income? You have two ways to go; 1. Declare bankruptcy and fight your way to a good credit score through the following 7-10 years; or 2. Sign up with a debt settlement agency that can help you come out from under [...]

Credit Repair Attorney – When Do You Need One?

You do not need a credit repair attorney generally. All the work that he or she can do, a reputable credit repair agency will do just a well. The only difference here is that it’s often easier to find and work with a credit repair attorney than a credit repair agency, because of the not-so-great [...]