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Cost of Identity Theft

What is the cost of identity theft? Many people wake up one day to find that they are victims of identity theft. Since this has become a very lucrative business, it’s very likely that the number of such people will increase in the near future. You must take some measure to prevent it. The cost [...]

3 Habits That Increase Your Identity Theft Risk

Everyone is at risk, but there are some people who literally invite identity theft! Here are three aspects of your behavior that might invite troubles for you: 1) Shopping online and paying by credit card, without checking for VerisSign at the bottom of the page. Always ensure that the page that asks for your credit [...]

Fixing Your Credit in 3 Simple Steps

Fixing your credit is usually cumbersome and trying. You need to have patience to correspond with the credit bureaus to remove all wrongly-entered negative items; you need to apply a certain amount of financial discipline in your day-to-day life, and you need to make a number of sacrifices. Even so, improvement in your score can [...]

Quick Steps to Credit Cards Credit Repair

The worst trouble with finances in the USA comes from the abuse of credit cards. Most people feel nothing when they charge their credit cards and before you know it, they have a huge debt to pay and hardly any means to pay it! At such a time, instead of paying the bills in full, [...]

Credit Cards Credit Repair – 2 Steps to Freedom

If you are in financial trouble, it’s likely because you have abused your credit cards. Americans have the greatest number of credit cards per person; we are are also the people who have the most bankruptcies due to “plastic money.” When you find yourself stuck with credit card bills that you cannot pay, take immediate [...]