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An Identity Theft Check Is Your Best Protective Cover

Did you know that most people find out about identity theft problems years after it actually occurred? This is because people do not usually perform a routine identity theft check.  Most people are content with just a perfunctory glance at their bank statement and credit card bills. Very few sit down and tally bill for [...]

Bankruptcy Myths

There are many bankruptcy myths that you need to clarify before going through the process. You might be filing for bankruptcy governed by one or more such myths and it will be too late when discover reality after you complete the process. One of the most popular bankruptcy myths is that you can start with [...]

Avoid Credit Repair Scams – Stay Safe

It seems sometimes that there are more credit repair scams than genuine operators out there. Do not despair, though. There are excellent credit repair agencies that are waiting to help you. Here are a few characteristics that you should watch out for: 1.There is no guaranteed outcome; if there is any guarantee related to repairing [...]

Credit card theft – stay safe

There is always the risk of losing your credit cards if you carry these on your person. Do you know how to stay safe by preventing credit card theft? First of all, never carry more than one card with you. Secondly, ensure that you do not have any pin number or any other such vital [...]

Report identity theft

It’s very vital that you report identity theft whenever and wherever you see it. Many people feel awkward reporting id theft of other people when they find it out. In most cases, they will justify their inaction, shrugging to say, “I was not completely sure.” Such inaction allows thieves to escape. To prevent id theft [...]

Credit Card Theft – 3 Life Saving Tips

Credit card theft can happen to anyone. You may have your credit cards stolen or lose them somewhere. What you do when you realize their loss is critical to cutting your losses. Common sense dictates that you inform the provider instantly. But before you do so you need to have a certain amount of information [...]

Great Ways To Get A Credit Card With a Bad Credit Score

It’s difficult to get a credit card if you have a bad credit score, but definitely not impossible. The most common way is to get a “secured” card. With a secured credit card you deposit funds into a bank account and the provider offers you credit with your deposit as collateral. This is a good [...]

Poor-Credit Credit Cards and You

How and where do you get poor credit-credit cards? Did you know that credit cards are the root of most of the financial troubles for people all over the world? More than 68% of people who file for bankruptcy in the USA quote credit cards as the main factor. Why then should you look for [...]