Medical Identity Theft – What is this?

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There are many types of identity theft out there. It is vital to be informed of all the different types of identity theft. One of the most important types of identity crimes is .

When this happens, the thief uses your identity to obtain medical benefits that you would have otherwise been entitled to. This means that when you actually need them, these benefits may not be available to you anymore.

Be careful as to how you pay your medical insurance, and how you store insurance information. Many people send themselves an email with the major details of their bank, medical and other important information so that it is easily accessible if the hard copies are lost.

However, this is not safe. It is very easy to have your email hacked or compromised.  When this happens, the hacker gains access to all your personal information – and as you can imagine, this would be a disaster.

Source:   Medical Identity Theft – What is this?

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