Medical Identity Theft Can Be Very Traumatic – Protect Yourself

Finding out that you have been a victim of medical identity theft can be extremely painful in more ways than one. There is no way to guarantee, with 100% certainty,  that you can stay safe from this financial disaster. However, with some proactive measures you can reduce the possibility of many types of medical identity theft or fraud to less than 10%. Here is how:

-    Look up and enroll with ProtectMyId ( which will monitor your identity on a daily basis and send you an alert if there is any suspicious activity with the sensitive information stored in your files

-    Request and check, in depth, a yearly list of your medical records. Check meticulously whether all the entries are accurate. Inquire expeditiously into any inaccuracies.

-    Keep your bank health card safer than you would keep a credit card. Medical expenses do have the potential to blow a tremendous hole in your pocket from which you may never recover

-    When medical reports/ bills come, read them. Do not simply look at the ‘amount due’ line, but check each line above it so that you are confident that all the services being billed were actually rendered to you.

Source:  Medical Identity Theft Can Be Very Traumatic – Protect Yourself

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