Is data theft easy?

bigstockphoto Online Credit Card Fraud 1303887 Is data theft easy?Yes, indeed. Data theft today is as easy as “stealing candy from a baby.” There are so many ways, which are used presently by hackers, to imitate the official websites of banks, email providers, lottery companies, etc. that people are finding it very difficult to distinguish between the real thing and the impostors.

Data theft is an easy crime to commit because most people do not stop to make a critical analysis regarding the inqueries that come from such websites because they look so real. As an educated consumer it is necessary to keep in mind that there is personal information that you should not provide over the phone or by email under any circumstances- especially if you did not initiate the contact. Here are some of the “not-for-disclosure” items:

-    SSN number
-    Customer ID and/ or password for any bank accounts, financial transactions or websites
-    Date of birth
-    Place of birth
-    Yours or your mothers’ maiden names
-    Your work place address
-    Your residential address
-    Your phone number
-    Your cell phone number
-    Your bank account number
-    The answer to secret security questions

Beware when any entity asks you for any of the above or similar types of information. Alert the bank/ email provider/ business entity etc., through a contact which you have initiated explaining that you have received such requests and verify immediately its accuracy to prevent data theft.

Source:   Is data theft easy?

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