Identity Theft – Two Most Effective Ways Criminals Use

bigstock Identity Theft Prevention 2787055 Identity Theft   Two Most Effective Ways Criminals Use Today one of the most daunting of crimes is identity theft. In spite of all the technological progress, it is still very simple for criminals to draw personal information from misinformed and trusting internet surfers. An even bigger problem is the inability of law enforcement and other regulatory bodies to prevent or catch these perpetrators before there are countless victims.

Here are Two identities theft methods cyber criminals use most:

They send you an email that connects to a ghost website that looks identical (but is false) to that of your bank and asks you to verify your account under the ruse that there are “some major discrepancies”. Shocked and eager to handle the mater quickly you log in using that website – and the criminals copy your bank information. Once the information is in the wrong hands, there are a number of things the criminals can do to cause devastation to your financial life.

You receive an email saying that you need to key in your password in order to update your account details or your email will be blocked. You type in your email password and the next day you are locked out of it. The criminals have taken hold of your email and all the information therein. Keep in mind all of the information that is sent to your email and keep your password as secure as you do your social security number.

Source:  Identity Theft – Two Most Effective Ways Criminals Use

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