Identity theft

Why should you always worry about identity theft? Identity theft is emerging as one of the most ‘popular’ crimes today. The Net has made it extremely easy for hackers and cyber criminals to find you. Unless you take extra care to erase all your personal information on the Net that can be used to steal your identification.

What should you do? Be careful as to what information you divulge about yourself on the Net. Always ensure that website URL is on a secure server. If you were on a secure server the   URL would begin with https://. If you are not on a secure server, DO NOT DIVULGE SENSITIVE PERSONAL INFORMATION.

When typing credit card details, double check that you are on a server that encrypts the number. This will be indicated by a small lock either at the top or at the bottom of the page and the page will have an announcement with something similar to this “Verified by VeriSign and Secured using SSL.”

Source:  Identity theft

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