3 Habits That Increase Your Identity Theft Risk

bigstockphoto Online Credit Card Fraud 1303887  3 Habits That Increase Your Identity Theft RiskEveryone is at risk, but there are some people who literally invite identity theft! Here are three aspects of your behavior that might invite troubles for you:

1) Shopping online and paying by credit card, without checking for VerisSign at the bottom of the page. Always ensure that the page that asks for your credit card details is encrypted by an approved regulatory body. This is particularly important when you receive promotional stuff in your email.

2) Accepting windfalls through email – it’s lovely to win a lottery, and everybody loves that. However, if you ever receive emails saying you have won a large sum of money for which you need to give them your personal and financial details, be careful. It’s almost certainly a scam!

3) Applying for online loan approval – let’s say you have applied online for any type of loan. They get back to you asking you very personal financial and personal details. Never give any personal details online to anyone!

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