2 Common Scenarios that can lead to Identify Theft?

The bad news here is that you cannot 100% prevent identify theft. However, you can take a number of precautions that ensure your safety extensively.

1. Never give your password, personal details or SSN over the telephone or by email. One of the easiest ways to defraud people is by calling them at home saying that their bank needs their password immediately or they will block or suspend the account. Panicking at the thought, you lower you guard for a moment and blurt out the password, inviting identify theft. NEVER give such information over the phone or by email especially if the contact was unsolicited. Ask for the person’s name, bank address and offer to go in person to deliver the information.

2. Lottery/ Winnings emails. You begin receiving many emails that announce you as the winner of a lottery. Anticipating the winnings, you happily give all the financial and personal information they ask for without verifying or even considering whether the email is real or fraudulent. It is important to ask your self “Did I even enter this? “ Ask questions BEFORE divulging personal information.

Beware of such methods that lead to identify theft. Stay alert; stay safe.

Source:  2 Common Scenarios that can lead to Identify Theft?

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