Mail Identity Theft – More Dangerous Than It Looks

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Most people do not pay too much attention to mail identity theft, but this is much more dangerous than it seems. For one, you are most likely to have private information somewhere in your inbox that the identity thieves can put to fraudulent use.

Another reason is that the thieves would get ahold of all your contacts and possibly financial or other sensitive information for your friends, relatives and colleagues that are listed among the correspondence in the email inbox.

Something as simple as a birthday card can be used to commit fraud. For example: Happy Birthday, Grace! Remember when we grew up on Spruce Street in New York and you fell off the bike uncle Mike bought you? I still laugh. Glad you’re moving closer to me. Can’t wait until you get to Maine!!! (We need to find me a husband)  Love Always, Jane Apple.

In this one birthday card, a thief has gotten the recipients’ full name (including their maiden name), a former street name and city where they lived, two family member names, their birthday and where they will be moving to in the near future. Many of the things needed to prove identity for credit purposes at any time.

Yet another way that mail identity theft can harm you and your dear ones is when the thieves appeal to some or all of your friends/ family, seemingly on your behalf, for funds. There have been many instances where friends sent money for their “stranded friend/ family member,” only to discover later that they had been duped by hackers.

It is important, therefore, never to keep private information in your emails, even if seems innocent enough. Ensure that you delete any such email that comes with login and passwords for any financial and/ or non-financial accounts. Remember, mail identity theft can jeopardize your financial security, cause havoc among your friends and family and leave you all vulnerable to further financial devastation.

Source:  Mail Identity Theft – More Dangerous Than It Looks

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