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Some of the best ways to protect against identity theft are by using common sense. Of course, you will also need to educate yourself on how identity theft happens and how often it happens, so you will understand what will give you the best protection.

-    Change your passwords often and never keep them written down in your wallet, handbag or stored on or near your computer.
-    When accessing your bank from internet cafes remember to clear all passwords, logins and if possible the cache in the history folder. If you cannot personally clear the history- ask an employee to do so in front of you.
-    Always watch for the little lock on websites. That lock is designed to show when you are using a secure network.
-    All bank and financial transactions should always be made only on websites that start with “https://”; the “s” is for secure. If the website address reads only “http://”, it is not secure and not safe for financial transactions. Also, ensure that the site does encryption of vital data.
-    Be very alert about messages that ask for personal information through email; be even more cautious if it uses an “emergency” as the reason for needing the information immediately.
-    Closely monitor your credit card statements for excess payments or payments or transactions that you do not remember making.
-    Shred financial documents you do not need to prevent identity theft. A decent shredder can be bought for around $20. Diamond cut shredders are best.

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