How do you file “cheap bankruptcy?”

Is there such a term as cheap bankruptcy? If so, how can consumers facing bankruptcy use it? Yes, there is such a term; and yes you can use this intelligence to keep the bankruptcy costs at the lowest minimum possible. The good news is that cheap bankruptcy comes in a number of ways – choose the one that suits you best:

•Pro Se bankruptcy filing – This is when you file for bankruptcy yourself. This involves free legal assistance, and you can even file a court motion to waive the bankruptcy filing fee. This is a good recourse, when you know what you are doing; if not, this method could drag you in to more problems than you can imagine. Tread this path carefully because it could end up costing you much more in the long run.

•Cheap bankruptcy by hiring a bankruptcy petition preparer’s services – This is a low-cost option of hiring a professional to assist you in the bankruptcy process. This is an excellent option when your bankruptcy case is as simple as it comes, yet, you do not feel comfortable doing the process all yourself.

•Hire a new (inexperienced) bankruptcy attorney – This is another cheap bankruptcy option, but not without its risks. Very often you find this professional by “word of mouth.” Look for an ambitious young professional who is knowledgeable in the field but charges minimally because of lack of experience in the actual field.

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