Filing bankruptcy in Oregon – The Pros and Cons

If you are filing bankruptcy in Oregon you will need to know to what extent this law will provide relief, and what loans are not covered under this law.

Filing bankruptcy in Oregon is a good option if any of the following statements apply to you:

-    Your bills are too long overdue and you do not have any concrete plans or ability to get any additional income to pay these bills
-    You are unable to pay your mortgage
-    You are unable to make even the minimum payments on your credit card balances
-    You have lost your primary source of income/ job and you do not see an ability to get a new source of income in the near future
-    You have suddenly incurred a huge medical expense

The following debts/ payments due/ financial obligations will not be covered/ exempted when filing bankruptcy in Oregon:

-    Student loans
-    Child support and alimony
-    Fines imposed by the Oregon government
-    Cash advance made within 90 days

Source:  Filing bankruptcy in Oregon – The Pros and Cons

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