Credit Card Theft – Be Protected

Credit card theft can be a major irritation at the very least and a massive financial blow at its worst. Say, you are travelling and your credit cards are lost or stolen. This can, and more than likely would, create a very unpleasant turn of events, even with the best help at your disposal.

The solution is to ensure that you are protected against credit card theft to the best of your ability. A few no-cost suggestions are listed below:

-    Keep your credit cards carefully in a wallet or purse in front of your body instead of in your back pocket or on your shoulder.
-    Take advantage of credit card fraud protection assurance from your credit card provider. In such cases, all you have to do is reach the nearest phone and inform the credit company of the loss of the card. By doing this, you would be exempt from paying for any purchases made after the company was informed of the loss.
-    Have the number on hand (more than likely toll free) and/or any other means to contact the credit card provider. Remember if you lose the card- how will get the number off the back of the card?
-    Photocopy your credit cards for ready reference of the numbers and other details in the event of credit card theft. Also photocopy all identifications in the event that those are lost as well, in order to prove your identity.

Source:   Credit Card Theft – Be Protected

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