Clear Credit Report

What do you do when you find that you have a below average credit score? What do you do to get a clear credit report? Here a few things that can help in improving your score:

 -         check carefully your credit reports for inaccurate entries
-         dispute all such entries and request that these be removed
-         improve your credit:income:debt ratio by reducing your debts
-         start saving
-         pay off all your credit card bills as quickly as possible (beginning with those having the highest debt to credit limit ratio), but do not close the accounts. The credit amount will help your score
-         re-negotiate terms with your creditors wherever possible
-         transfer your high interest debts to financial institutions/ banks offering better terms wherever possible
-         keep a watchful eye on your credit reports (get one free every quarter from Experian, Equifax and TransUnion)
-         give it at least 6 months before you see a marked improvement in your credit score

 A clear credit record is possible only when negative remarks have been entered erroneously and such a fact can be proved. Otherwise, you need to work your way to a better score.

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