What Do You Know About Credit Dispute Letters?

bigstock Hand Hold Red Advertising Enve 551651 What Do You Know About Credit Dispute Letters?Credit dispute letters are the communications a credit agency (or yourself) engages with the credit bureaus seeking clarification or corrections of information contained on your credit report. Perhaps you’re asking yourself, how would I even know if my credit report is accurate?

The answer is simple, you ask for a copy of your credit report. Legally, every consumer is entitled to one free credit report annually from each of the three credit bureaus and therefore, if you plan your requests accordingly, you can have one credit report every four months. Although the bureaus are different, they maintain more or less the same standards when calculating the credit score. That means you can keep a close eye on the things that creep in on your credit report, enabling you to appeal inaccuracies almost immediately.

It is very important to write to the credit bureau as soon as the discrepancy appears on your report. If you are not comfortable with writing credit dispute letters yourself, seek the assistance of a credit repair agency or counselor.

Source:  What Do You Know About Credit Dispute Letters?

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