3 Ways to Tell Which Credit Repair Companies Are Genuine

You hear so much about credit scams and scandals about credit repair that you may be horrified at even the thought of approaching such credit repair companies or agencies for help. Yet, this is possibly one of the best professional assistances you can get. It is possible to learn how to identify the legitimate companies from the ones seeking to scam you out of your money. Here are some things to look for:

1.   Extensive advertising – They go on and on about themselves; their proficiency; their successes; their reputation. Any company that is advertising too heavily can be suspected of being a scam. They may be attempting to flood the market for clients/ victims and when they make enough money or begin to attract the attention of law enforcement, shut down the operation and disappear with all the money. Pay attention.

2.   They promise too much – These agencies always promise to be able to deliver whatever you want. Instant or in the shortest possible time. Do not be fooled. A credit score cannot be raised overnight unless there is a major and illegal manipulation. Is that really the path to financial stability?

3.   The credit repair companies ask for too much too soon – A major red flag is asking for their fees upfront. A company that is confident in their results and seeking to be a positive influence on the financial health of their clients will have no problem deferring payment until the client sees results.

Source:  3 Ways to Tell Which Credit Repair Companies Are Genuine

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