3 steps to become a credit advisor

bigstockphoto real loan 1342062 300x200 3 steps to become a credit advisorA lot is being said about the credit repair advisors nowadays, and you might consider starting your own endeavor in this line. In case the idea of becoming a credit advisor appeals to you, here are three steps that can launch you in this business:

1. Job-shadow with a trustworthy credit repair agency or professional. This will give you hands-on experience and firsthand knowledge of how to handle various cases and will give you confidence in your ability to find solutions to credit repair issues.

Alternatively, locate a good training program. Search online for “credit repair business” and compare those available, taking into account comprehensiveness of the program, value, and price.

2. Work on trial. Before you offer your services as a credit advisor to clients, use your skills and acquired knowledge to repair your own credit first.

3. Apply yourself in all the fields related to increasing credit scores, such as disputing erroneous entries, negotiating with creditors for better reporting, finding alternatives to bankruptcy, debt management, counseling, and so on, working on a pro bono basis for about 6 months, until you are confident that you can do justice to the job.

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