What is bankruptcy code 523?

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The bankruptcy code 523 is the clause which describes or lists the types of debts that cannot be included for discharge, even when you file for bankruptcy. These are debts that the person who files for bankruptcy will still have to pay regardless of financial circumstances.

Among the debts that fall under the bankruptcy code 523 are:

-    Education loans
-    Taxes and custom duty
-    Any type of credit that was obtained fraudulently
-    Any debt not listed under section 521 (1)
-    Funds obtained through embezzlement of any defalcation while acting in a fiduciary capacity
-    Alimony, spousal support or child support payments
-    Any willful destruction of anyone’s property
-    Fines, penalty or fee payable to the government
-    Monies owed for injury or death caused while driving under the influence of drugs, alcohol or any other substance
-    Funds payable following an unreviewable order or decree, or consent order of the USA

There are other items on the list. What the bankruptcy code 523 seeks to do is clarify all such debts that will not come under the general protection of bankruptcy status, where the Court automatically stays all debts.

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