How do you find poor credit lenders?

bigstockphoto Meeting With Agent 4599681 How do you find poor credit lenders?
Most people who have a low credit score feel that they cannot find credit lenders in the market any longer. This is not true. You can. There are plenty of poor score credit lenders out there who make a living by catering to this corner of the market. It is not very difficult to find these lenders either. Here are a few methods that can help you:

1.    Debt counselors – These are the agencies who have answers to all your debt questions, including the “where do I go for credit now?” one. Debt counselors can put you in touch with experienced debt consolidation agencies, credit repair agencies  and poor score credit lenders. Debt counselors are the leaders in guidance when you want to  eliminate your outstanding debts.

2.    The Internet – Use the Internet as your main ally. You will find  answers to many of your debt and credit lender questions with a google or Bing search. With the help of the data on the internet you can figure out which are the lenders that offer the best rates and how best you can negotiate for these rates.

3.    Your old creditors – Most of the time, old creditors are willing to renegotiate your debts so you can pay them off and even reestablish lines of credit with them. Open communication  with previous creditors and show why you need their cooperation in order to get your financial matters in order.

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