Great Ways To Get A Credit Card With a Bad Credit Score

It’s difficult to get a credit card if you have a bad credit score, but definitely not impossible. The most common way is to get a “secured” card.

With a secured credit card you deposit funds into a bank account and the provider offers you credit with your deposit as collateral. This is a good solution when you are looking to increase your credit limit and score by some clever financial manipulations.

A second way is to have a relative or spouse have you as an add-on to their credit cards. The positive things here is that you can use the credit card without any problem; however, the positive or negative points for timely payment/non-payment of the bills will go to the main owner of the card. You are not affected by the transactions.

The third way to obtain a credit card with a bad credit score, is by looking up introductory offers where people with poor credit are wooed. Such cards almost always have a low cap and higher interest rate – but at least you can have a credit card

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