Avoid Credit Repair Scams – Stay Safe

It seems sometimes that there are more credit repair scams than genuine operators out there. Do not despair, though. There are excellent credit repair agencies that are waiting to help you. Here are a few characteristics that you should watch out for:

1.There is no guaranteed outcome; if there is any guarantee related to repairing of credit repair, you are walking into a credit repair scam.

2.There is no quick-fix outcome; if anyone tries to convince you that this process can be fast-forwarded, beware! He or she will be promoting some type of illegal ploy.

3.You cannot change your SSN number, nor can you have get a “new credit report.” If the agency offers you a “new identity” or “new lease on life” beware! … this is highly improper and illegal.

4.You should not, and cannot, dispute everything negative entery on your credit report. If this is the process the credit repair agency plans to use to improve your score, that agency is among hundreds of credit repair scams that prey on the market of gullible people.

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