Implications Of Bankruptcy – Is This Freedom From Debt Worth It?

bigstock Financial Planning 5586813 Implications Of Bankruptcy – Is This Freedom From Debt Worth It?Most people do not really understand the full implications of bankruptcy. The reality is that bankruptcy is not a new bed of roses, although someone in deep financial troubles can perceive this relief as such.

First of all, not everyone will qualify for bankruptcy. After the bankruptcy laws were amended in 2005, there were many sub-clauses (for example, Chapter 7) that would give consumers the ability to redress their debts without filing for bankruptcy.

Monetary Implications Of Bankruptcy

Before you file for bankruptcy you will need to undergo bankruptcy credit score counseling 180 days prior to the bankruptcy filing. You will also need a certain amount of expert legal counseling that may cost you anywhere between $1,000 to $2,000. Bankruptcy is definitely not the cheap alternative, even when you have reached the absolute rock bottom with your finances.

Credit Report/ Score Implications Of Bankruptcy

This is one of the most significant implications when filing bankruptcy as this will remain visible on your credit report to financial companies, employers and anyone else who requests your  credit score report. It will take 11 years before this is removed from the report; and that is a very long time.

It is possible to improve your credit score over time with proper financial discipline and smarter financial choices. However, this a very arduous process and can have lasting effects for years to come. You must always keep in mind your financial goals and the timetable for reaching those goals before deciding which course of financial relief to utilize.

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