Bankruptcy Solutions – What Is Not Covered Under This Umbrella?

It is a myth that bankruptcy solutions will cover all financial problems. There are many debts that bankruptcy will not resolve. Before you declare bankruptcy, you need to be aware, which of your debts will not be covered under bankruptcy relief. Some debts that will not be covered are:

1.    Student loans – This loan is not covered by bankruptcy solutions. Hence, if you are in trouble due to your student loans and declare bankruptcy in the hope that this will solve the problem, be aware that this is not true. You will still be liable to pay the student loan back and you will have the report of a bankruptcy on your credit report for the next 11 years. In order to seek relief for student loan payments you should contact your lenders and try to renegotiate the terms of your repayment. Some options are an “income- contingent” repayment plan as well as temporary forbearance.

2.    Child Support -  This is another field that will not fall under the relief of bankruptcy. In the eyes of the law this debt is not going to be relieved without your actual payments. Child support and alimony are not considered debts as much s they are considered financial obligations that do not warrant bankruptcy relief.

3.    Criminal fees/ fines – No bankruptcy solutions will delete criminal fees or fines. Hence, declaring bankruptcy will not resolve such issues. Again, this type of debt is considered unforgivable and thus must be paid by the individual. You can attempt to enter into a new repayment plan but often times you must show the court extreme financial hardship in order to qualify for a change in repayment terms.

Source:  Bankruptcy Solutions – What Is Not Covered Under This Umbrella?

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