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Bankruptcy Consultant – Your SOS response

If you are planning to file for bankruptcy the first thing you should consider is hiring a bankruptcy consultant. There are plenty of issues that can arise that will need professional guidance while you are going through a bankruptcy proceeding.  A bankruptcy consultant is able to guide clients with the best options for filing in [...]

Credit repair fraud – Are you Asking For It?

I have seen many ads for credit repair services and some of them are beyond preposterous. They scream credit repair fraud in capital letters, but even so, people pay attention to them and many even believe them. Some examples are, “We can make your negative entries disappear”, “Guaranteed jump in credit score”, “Bankruptcy can be [...]

Credit Report After Bankruptcy Is Bleak – But There Is Still Hope For You

Bankruptcy should be the last recourse when you run into financial problems. Such a drastic measure can leave most people feeling utterly depressed at the prospect of having to bear the mark for 11 years. It is true that your credit report after bankruptcy looks bleak, but you can use this time as a hard [...]

Bankrupt Exempt Property – What Is That?

Filing for bankruptcy is a painful process, but it does not need to be as devastating as many believe. Are you aware that  under the Federal and State bankruptcy exemption laws you can potentially keep your bankrupt exempt property as detailed in Chapter 7? So what do you get to keep after you file for [...]

Get Bankruptcy Training And Start A Home Business

Want to earn some extra cash? Consider gaining training in bankruptcy. There are many people who need advice about bankruptcy and with a little training you could easily double as a financial advisor specializing in bankruptcy. There are many clauses that can help a person on the threshold of bankruptcy and with a little training [...]

3 Great Ways To Settle Debt Without Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is never the easy way out. You should only consider taking such measures when you have exhausted all other alternatives. There are many ways to settle debt without bankruptcy. Here are some ideas to consider: -    Raise the money through a loan obtained with joint collateral. To use this option you will need to [...]

Bankruptcy Articles – Is The Information Accurate?

Many people who want to gain some firsthand knowledge on bankruptcy prefer to surf the internet and read the available bankruptcy articles rather than consulting an attorney. How accurate is the information available on the internet? Before answering this question, you need to understand that there are many types of articles available on the internet. [...]

Bankruptcy And Marriage Can Be Messy

What happens if one spouse needs to file for bankruptcy while the other has a steady income and valuable assets? This is an important question that needs to be answered with care and extreme legal caution, long before the situation arises. Bankruptcy and marriage can become really messy if the parameters between the finances of [...]

Poor Credit Lenders Are Plenty – Do You Know How to Find the Best

Are you looking for poor credit lenders? Do not worry. Today, there are many lenders from which to choose that will agree to lend you many types of loans on quite reasonable terms. How do you find the best among the lot? Here are a few methods that can help you: 1.   Use the Internet [...]

Payday Lending Like Credit Cards Are For Emergency Use Only

The advertisements for payday lending are so attractive that even those who do not need the money are tempted to apply. Be aware that these loans are great only when you are indeed in sudden need of cash. In fact, finding yourself needing money so badly that you have to apply for payday lending should [...]