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3 Methods for Easy Identity Theft Detection

Sometimes the best measures to prevent identity theft fail; in such cases, the next best thing is early, or rather, the earliest identity theft detection. How do you do that? How would you know when your identity has been stolen and misused? Fortunately, there are ways to do this: -    Set up fraud alerts with [...]

Mail Identity Theft – More Dangerous Than It Looks

Most people do not pay too much attention to mail identity theft, but this is much more dangerous than it seems. For one, you are most likely to have private information somewhere in your inbox that the identity thieves can put to fraudulent use. Another reason is that the thieves would get ahold of all [...]

Identity Theft – Protect Yourself Today

Some of the best ways to protect against identity theft are by using common sense. Of course, you will also need to educate yourself on how identity theft happens and how often it happens, so you will understand what will give you the best protection. -    Change your passwords often and never keep them written [...]

What is bankruptcy code 523?

The bankruptcy code 523 is the clause which describes or lists the types of debts that cannot be included for discharge, even when you file for bankruptcy. These are debts that the person who files for bankruptcy will still have to pay regardless of financial circumstances. Among the debts that fall under the bankruptcy code [...]

You can stop foreclosure without bankruptcy – did you know this?

If you are late by more than 30 days on your mortgage payment, the lender can declare the mortgage in default. When this happens, the owner of the house has two choices – either pay the mortgage amount due immediately or face a foreclosure lawsuit that would auction off his/ her home to recover the [...]

How do you file “cheap bankruptcy?”

Is there such a term as cheap bankruptcy? If so, how can consumers facing bankruptcy use it? Yes, there is such a term; and yes you can use this intelligence to keep the bankruptcy costs at the lowest minimum possible. The good news is that cheap bankruptcy comes in a number of ways – choose [...]

Protect Yourself From Credit Fraud

One of the most effective ways to protect yourself from credit fraud is to activate a credit theft alert on your credit file. How does this work? Or better still does this really work? Credit fraud alert is an extra precaution added by the credit bureaus for your protection. This means that whenever there is [...]

Bankruptcy Consultant – Your SOS response

If you are planning to file for bankruptcy the first thing you should consider is hiring a bankruptcy consultant. There are plenty of issues that can arise that will need professional guidance while you are going through a bankruptcy proceeding.  A bankruptcy consultant is able to guide clients with the best options for filing in [...]

Chapter 11 bankruptcy code – What is that?

The Chapter 11 bankruptcy code spells refuge to many companies who are on the brink or over the edge of bankruptcy. Under this clause, a company will be protected by the Court, provided the company will allow the Court to appoint a trustee who would operate the debtor’s business toward financial recovery.. Under the Chapter [...]

Bankruptcy Myths Exploded For Your Benefit

There are many bankruptcy myths floating around and being passed on as truths, which can easily affect someone’s decision as to whether or not go the bankruptcy route. Here you will find some of those myths clarified. Myth – If you have a job you are not eligible to file for bankruptcy. Truth – The [...]