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Filing bankruptcy in Oregon – The Pros and Cons

If you are filing bankruptcy in Oregon you will need to know to what extent this law will provide relief, and what loans are not covered under this law. Filing bankruptcy in Oregon is a good option if any of the following statements apply to you: -    Your bills are too long overdue and you [...]

Cost of identity theft – A Thriving Business?

With identity theft on the rise, a few agencies conducted inverted analysis that looked into the cost of identity theft. What does it cost to set up an identity theft company? The results were shocking to say the least – the cost comes to $30-$300. This is all it costs to set up a fake [...]

Are You Afraid Of Credit Repair Scams?

If you are in need of credit repair counseling- do not wait any longer. Most people fear credit repair scams and therefore choose to handle their credit repair issues themselves. Don’t let yourself be intimidated into further financial destruction! Rather Instead, educate yourself on how to differentiate between a scam and a genuine credit repair [...]

3 Ways to Tell Which Credit Repair Companies Are Genuine

You hear so much about credit scams and scandals about credit repair that you may be horrified at even the thought of approaching such credit repair companies or agencies for help. Yet, this is possibly one of the best professional assistances you can get. It is possible to learn how to identify the legitimate companies [...]

What Do You Know About Credit Dispute Letters?

Credit dispute letters are the communications a credit agency (or yourself) engages with the credit bureaus seeking clarification or corrections of information contained on your credit report. Perhaps you’re asking yourself, how would I even know if my credit report is accurate? The answer is simple, you ask for a copy of your credit report. [...]

Credit Card Scams – A Great Way To Steal Your Identity

If you ever receive an offer from a credit card provider with terms that seem  “too good to be true,” stop right there in your tracks and review each line of the credit card terms carefully, inspect the contents of each paper and look for red flags. Red flags include but are not limited to [...]

Credit Repair Software – Good or Bad Choice?

Did you ever consider using credit repair software to improve your credit score? Needless to say, it’s easier to automate a task using software than to do it manually. But is this true in every case? Let’s take a closer look and focus on credit improvement. When you run into problems with bad credit there [...]